If you think the word “success” should be spelled with dollar signs ($UCCE$$), you are not invited. If your goal is to speak for $50 and a chicken dinner at the Rotary club, please don’t come. To win at the high end of the market requires focus, commitment, and professionalism... not cheesy platitudes.

But if you’re serious about being a professional speaker, there is no other program that matches the efficiency and quality you’ll enjoy with us. You’ll walk away energized and armed for battle; ready to take on the world.

Bottom line: in a single day, you'll learn what it takes to launch, scale, and win.


You’re already accomplished and successful. You’ve had a legendary business career, written a gripping book, swam the English Channel. You’ve got that burning desire to share your message with the world, but are overwhelmed and confused by the dizzying world of professional public speaking. How do you launch? How does the business work? What steps are needed to scale?


We were just like you. Successful business careers, but no clue about the business of public speaking. Fast forward a few years: hundreds of annual keynotes to the biggest brands and audiences, millions in revenue, deep relationships in the industry, top Google search results, dozens of inquiries a day. The machine is fine-tuned and rocking. Let us share our model to save you years of frustration, distraction, and bewilderment.


In our one-day bootcamp, we’ll squish a decade of experience into an intense and riveting 9 1⁄2 hour session. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of the speaking business, including what traps to avoid. From your brand and positioning to online marketing to the nuances of working with speaking bureaus, we’ll guide you through every aspect you need to launch as a high-end professional speaker. From the strategic to the tactical, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade in record time.

A Comprehensive Program

  • Intimate setting: maximum of 25 guests
  • 60-minute one-on-one coaching session within 30 days following the bootcamp
  • Monthly group coaching webinars with live Q&A: 12 month subscription included
  • Live interactive “fireside chat” Skype session with a bureau professional
  • Interactive exercises throughout to help you craft your approach
  • Pre and post-event materials
  • Private social media site for ongoing support
  • Detailed workbook with all course materials
  • Networking dinner the night before and cocktails after the bootcamp
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided

The 3RC Difference

  • The only program produced and led by a current top speaker in the industry
  • Endorsed by major speaking bureaus
  • Practical and actionable learning with scientific approach
  • Serving high-end professional speakers and those that intend to perform on the largest stages to the most important audiences
  • Intimate, interactive workshop to accelerate your time to market and success
  • Ongoing support and learning included
  • No cheesy BS or get-rich-quick hype. Just the real inside scoop on what it takes to build and scale your speaking business

Not sure if you're ready to walk the tightrope? Contact Matt Ciccone at 248.787.4766 for a FREE 15-minute consultation.


In a single day, you will:

  • Learn the in’s and out’s of the speaking biz
  • Craft your own unique strategy to break in and breakaway
  • Understand the common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Discover how bureaus engage, think, and act
  • Learn how to effectively market yourself as a high-end keynote speaker
  • Develop a 90-day Speaker Action Plan
  • Build a network of support with other emerging speakers to help you scale
  • Uncover all the resources you need to launch and grow


8:30 AM – 9:30 AM


  • Your vision: what’s possible and how to lock your ideal target and plan
  • The big WHY? Setting a powerful North Star
  • Our Story: from zero to nearly $4+ million in annual fees
  • The amazing possibilities of professional speaking
9:30 AM – 11 AM


  • Crafting your story, picking a “lane”
  • Uncovering your unique positioning
  • The differences between a $500, $5000, and $50,000+ speaker
  • The 7 Biggest Traps and how to avoid them
  • The 5 Must-have things you need to be considered for a high-end keynote
  • Inside the Mind of a Meeting Planner: How keynote decisions get made
  • Your platform and how to leverage it
  • Pros and cons of writing a book, and how to tackle it if you proceed
11 AM – 12:30 PM


  • The Business of Speaking 101
  • Bureaus: How to engage in the channel
  • Setting (and raising) your fee
  • Managing the madness, from holds to bookings to billings
  • The 7 critical client touch points, and how to maximize each
  • 5 steps to saving 5 years – how to navigate, launch, and scale fast
  • Dissecting the sales process, and how to maximize close rates
  • The in’s and out’s of travel (fees, logistics, timing)
  • Leveraging your newfound access for other things
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM


  • The Big 7: The absolute must-have marketing elements
  • Social media and speaking – how to make friends and avoid traps
  • Website strategies that work
  • Mastering the Reel: how to craft a video that sells you
  • The surprising truth of search optimization and marketing
  • Bureau marketing and leveraging the channel
  • Crafting templates to boost sales
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


  • The arc of a great keynote
  • 7 speaking moves to delight audiences
  • Presentation materials (slides, videos, handouts, leave-behinds)
  • Optimizing the types of engagements: keynotes, workshops,
    reside chats, panels, breakouts
  • The funny side…using humor to engage clients and audiences
  • From pre-booking to post-gig follow up, how to shine at each step
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM


  • Tools of the trade: eSpeakers, scheduling, managing holds, etc
  • So you booked a gig… now what?
  • Alerts, touch points, travel dossiers
  • Optimizing communication to all stakeholders
  • Nailing the details: invoicing, contracts, expenses and payment
  • Preferred partners: video, SEO, websites, platform skills
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM


  • Setting goals and commitments
  • Your 90 day sprint
  • The killer checklist I wish I had
  • 5 mistakes you’re likely to make
  • Open discussion, Q&A