“It was one hell of a day. I am so thankful that you invited me. Wow I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity, and I rarely attend conferences that are so immediately impactful on my business and work.”

Jonathan Citrin: Unbiased Decision Making Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder & CEO, CitrinGroup Media

"The day was one of the most impactful and beneficial I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing over the past 30 years!”

TM Smith: Millennial Marketing Keynote Speaker, Owner & CEO, Skidmore Studio

"Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and opening up your kimono so to speak with regard to the speaking industry. I learned a lot and am excited to figure out how this all fits into my career.”

Marshall Seese Jr.: Creativity Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO, Mowgli, Recording Artist, Writer

"I’m honored to have been included. I think that 3RC is off to a fantastic start thanks to a lot of hard work and preparation by you and the team. I have a strong suspicion that this is the start of a success story!”

Nanette Hinkle: Vice President, Worldwide Speakers Group

"I am overwhelmed, inspired, challenged, charged up, and a little scared, but very excited, all at the same time. I have gained so much from your curriculum, I can't even begin to tell you.”

Susan Salgado: Customer Service Keynote Speaker, Founder, Hospitality Quotient

"You all knocked it out of the park. It was so welcoming, invigorating, and I was blown away by how comprehensive it was.”

Allison Massari: Self-Leadership Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Award-Winning Painter & Sculptor

"Yesterday was worth every penny — in fact I’d easily give it a 3X value — in terms of time and money. The insights were both practical and personal that has allowed me to focus on the most important tasks ahead of me in planning this phase of my career.”

Steven Merahn, M.D.: Healthcare Keynote Speaker, Chief Medical Officer, Centria Healthcare