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Whatever Stage You’re On Today, We’ll Get You to a Bigger One

Thousands of people would love to become public speakers. But launching and growing a great speaking career takes more than great speeches.

From refining your message and marketing yourself, to booking engagements and raising your profile—it’s a circus out there, and you’re the public keynote speaking ringmaster.

The good news? You’ve just met your own personal team of lion tamers, jugglers, and acrobats.

We provide specialized, expert coaching and support for professional speakers and businesspeople at every stage of their journey.


New Speakers

New keynote speakers looking to dazzle the world and book your first-ever speaking engagements. We’ll teach you everything you need to launch and scale, while untangling the confusing world of bureaus, planners, agents, coaches, and vendors. LEARN MORE

Pro Speakers

Experienced, professional speakers eager to scale your speaking career to new heights. We’ll coach you on how to raise fees, book more gigs, and break through to the next level. LEARN MORE

Corporate Speakers

Corporate Speakers looking to elevate your game. If business presentations drive your results, we can help you boost your impact and dazzle audiences. You’ll shine in the boardroom, in corporate presentations, on industry panels, and on stage at conferences. LEARN MORE

Military Speakers

Military Speakers looking to lead and inspire greatness in the next chapter of your career. We’ll help you take your raw leadership skills and optimize them for the stage. LEARN MORE

Pro Athlete Speakers

Pro Athlete Speakers looking to turn your athletic achievement into powerful talks. We’ll help you develop your speaking strategy, tell a compelling story, and attract big crowds regardless of your level of fame or notoriety. LEARN MORE

Whatever your goal, we’re here to get you there quickly.


Under the Tent

How do we do it? By being the only magicians who reveal our tricks.

As the star of your keynote speaking business, we believe you should be empowered with all of the knowledge and support you need in a range of formats customized to your specific needs.

Virtual Bootcamps. Learn how to launch or scale your speaking career in a warm and inviting group environment led by proven experts and endorsed by the industry’s premier bureaus. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOOTCAMP

Custom one-on-one coaching packages. Flexible, fully-personalized guidance to build your brand and master the industry. We’ll help you shine on stage and master all the marketing elements to get you there in the first place. This includes speaker training, brand & positioning, speaking strategy, and physical deliverables like professional demo videos, websites and promotional photography. LEARN MORE ABOUT ONE-ON-ONE COACHING

Online learning through The Speaker Pass. Our world-class e-learning platform features 137+ videos, 74 + downloadable resources and hours of exclusive interviews with the top speaker bureaus in the world and top experts in the professional speaking industry. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER PASS

Each of these options provides access to our world-class team’s creativity, experience, and dastardly willingness to turn industries upside-down for the thrill of it.

"The single best way to grow your speaking business to achieve a consistent and predictable keynote career."

Tim Sanders: Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author & VP, Customer Insights, UpWork


We’ve been in the public speaking business long enough to know how you probably ended up at this moment. You might have dropped ‘public speaking coaching’ into your search engine and been blasted with a thousand sites promising six-figure speaking fees in a matter of months. They all seem to be written by the worst mall kiosk salesperson you’ve ever seen. 

“Ready to become a motivational keynote speaking rockstar? Ready to earn big $$$ just for talking? Ready to quit your day job tomorrow and make millions with no effort?”

Then you moved on, probably because you happen to have a brain.

So, let’s clear the air right now. Here’s what we promise:

  • Real, actionable, proven guidance for your career from world-class speakers, successful serial entrepreneurs, and industry experts who are at the top of their game today, not thirty years ago when speaking engagements were booked via carrier pigeon.
  • Ongoing and specific support that’s unique to your goals. No be-all-end-all road map applied to everybody. The speaking career path of somebody who climbed Everest at age 16 is going to be different from a tech founder with millions in annual revenue. Seems obvious, right? We think so, too.
  • The chance to reach your potential. Are you a $50K per engagement keynote speaker? Maybe. Or maybe right now you’re a $5K per engagement speaker, with the potential to grow. The point is that we’ll get you to the highest level you can reach today, and keep you moving toward a higher level tomorrow.
  • No BS.  We’ll give you the honest skinny, sharing in full transparency what builds a keynote business and what will kill it.  You’ll get our direct, full-Monty guidance to help you soar.

"Thank you for a high velocity three days, loaded with insights and value. The effort, time and planning you put into crafting this event made for an excellent view of what it takes to rock the business of speaking. Newbies and veterans take note: They have mastered the business of speaking and have a ton to share.”

Victoria Labalme: Communication Keynote Speaker, Actor & Producer, Speaker Hall of Fame



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"Bootcamp was a well structured game plan to win in speaking."

Danita Johnson: Keynote Speaker & Founder + COO, WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks