Electrifying performances. Death-defying acts. Human oddities. Sums up the peculiar world of professional speaking, no?

We’re reimagining the madness. With a proven track record and a penchant for upending sleepy industries, we’re here to help you walk the tightrope to raucous cheers from the crowd. Our one-day bootcamps teach you the inside secrets and tricks of the trade to help you launch and scale...fast.

Each role is a delicate balance of courage and talent; showmanship and passion.


The Lion Tamer

You're an experienced, professional speaker, but have hit a plateau. You want to land more gigs, raise your fee, deepen bureau relationships. You need a professional helping hand to elevate you to the next level. We can help.

The Juggler

You speak here and there, but are having trouble really scaling up. Your business is a bit haphazard, and you're looking for a more deliberate approach. How should you market, sell, and scale? We can help.

The Acrobat

You're an emerging speaker and want to dazzle crowds with your acrobatic skills and profound wisdom. But how do you untangle the Barnum & Bailey world of bureaus, planners, agents, coaches, and vendors? We can help.

Launching and scaling a speaking career takes finesse, creativity, and precision. Just like the circus. Let us help you fly through those rings of fire unscathed, while basking in the glowing light of explosive applause.

Let’s soar together. After all, it’s a circus out there.


In the same way Cirque du Soleil dislodged the Ringling Brothers, we’ve set out on a crazed mission to reimagine the circus of professional speaking.

What if we could reduce the friction and risk of growing and scaling your speaking career? What if we could launch emerging talent in a hyper-efficient way? What if we could delight meeting planners and bureau professionals like tickled school children? What if we could deliver a higher level of professionalism in a fresh, new quirky way?


We know a thing or two about the extravaganza. We’ve started, built and sold multi-hundred million-dollar businesses with thousands of employees around the globe. We’ve upended tired industries to become the dominant new standard. We’ve launched speakers, going from zero to over $4 million in annual fees in a matter of a few years. We’ve served clients and partners with unwavering commitment and integrity.

But enough about us...let’s talk about you.

If you’re a BUREAU PROFESSIONAL or MEETING PLANNER that wants to help new talent, ensuring they are getting solid and trustworthy guidance from proven partners, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a VETERAN SPEAKING PRO that craves a fresh, bold support crew in a world of Windsor knots and consultant-speak, you’ll love our fire-eating freak show.

If you’re an EMERGING SPEAKER that wants the joy and rewards of delighting audiences but would prefer not to clean up elephant dung just to get under the tent, ride your unicycle on over for some lovin’.

So let’s make the world of public speaking better. Impactful keynotes, precision execution, no BS. Sprinkle in a little odd humor, a dash of whatever-it-takes tenacity, and a little stick-it-to-the-man verve, and you’ve got quite the circus.



Gregarious and geeky, we’re here to help. With James Bond dreams but Revenge of the Nerds reality, our peculiar approach may be the ideal concoction. Straight, no chaser.



5X tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, 2X NY Times bestselling author, venture capitalist, and keynote speaker on a mission to drive creativity, innovation, and reinvention.

Human Cannonball


Speaking industry expert, engineer, and seasoned tech executive obsessed with driving innovation, progress and hockey stick growth in the world of public speaking.

Strong Man

CFO and VP, Getting Shit Done

Numbers man, insane with the details, loves nothing more than getting it right and ringing the register, and possesses a deep seething hatred for losing.


Director of Details

Drafts contracts, distributes invoices, books planes, trains, helicopters and Chunnel tickets before the rest of the world wakes up. Eats details for breakfast.


Director of Marketing

Wizard of brands, master of tech, magician of digital marketing. Knows how to get the message heard above the non-stop noise. Plus, he's fashion-forward.

The 3RC Diff

In addition to our sardonic humor and the elegance of a grapefruit, we're different by design.

If you had a nickel for every time someone approached you about helping them become a speaker, you'd have more dough than Warren Buffett.  Instead of the cheesy stuff that's currently out there, now you can send those people to a trusted source where they'll get the honest skinny.  Legit advice and coaching from partners you know.  We'll deliver the same freaky fast response times you're accustomed to, while serving up an extra large helping of value to those emerging speakers.




Welcome to the world of wasted time, blown opportunities, and pesky distractions. Learn the game on your own, reinvent the wheel, and scrape up your knees. If you’ve got an extra decade to spare, this is a great option.


Want to blow through cash? Hire a team of cheap interns who don't understand the industry or expensive MBA's who can't relate to clients and you've got a costly mess on your hands. Because we all know, more manpower equals more dollars, right?


We’ll teach you the trade in record time. We’ll launch you onto the scene like a flaming cannonball. If you want to speak at the Rotary Club for $50 and a chicken dinner, go somewhere else. But if you want to perform at the highest levels to the biggest audiences, we’re for you.

We’ve developed a systematic approach to speaker launch and growth like none other. We bring the creativity of a tech startup, the experience of a current multi-million dollar speaker, and the business skills of five-time successful entrepreneurs that have scaled global companies. You just ain't gonna find that somewhere else.

Join the Circus!



So you’ve mounted your trusty unicycle and are ready to ride it across the high wire, through flaming rings, all while juggling chainsaws. Sounds like you’re ready to be one of our speakers.

If you’re already a pro and want to zing your career to the next level, while having a marvelous time along the way, let's talk. There's no stupid form to fill out or some bureaucratic nonsenses to contend with. Call our CEO Jordan Broad right now on his mobile phone — 248-910-7573. His wife loves it when you ring him at 3:21am. Try it.



You crave the seductive brass ring, but all you’ve got so far is ring-around-the-collar. Or one of those tire rings police put on your car for too many unpaid parking tickets. We can help shape your raw talent into the mystique of a rock star. We’ll teach you the biz, launch you to the world, and be your safety net when you fall. Part coach, part stage mom, part agent, we got your back. To learn more and to enroll in one of our one-day circus boot camps, call Matt Ciccone on his top-secret, private mobile number — 248-787-4766. He’ll be glad to take the call and get a few minutes of peace considering he has a take-no-prisoners wife and a newborn daughter.




Contact Jordan Broad, CEO
Jordan@3ringcircus.com / 248.910.7573


Contact Matt Ciccone, VP of Getting Shit Done
Matt@3ringcircus.com / 248.787.4766


Jonathan Deisenroth, Director of Details
Jonathan@3ringcircus.com / 248.225.8553


Call 911. Or Poison Control (800-222-1222). Or the Center for Disease Control (404-639-3311). Of course, if it is a speaker or event emergency, call any of the following people on their mobile, day or night:

  • Jordan Broad: 248.910.7573
  • Matt Ciccone: 248.787.4766
  • Connor Trombley: 248.930.4544
  • Jonathan Deisenroth: 248.225.8553
  • Sasquatch: 404.634.2376