Our network of speakers command $35K speaking fees and receive 100s of speaking requests per year. Access everything they have to teach, right now—right from your computer.

Not everyone can attend our in-person Bootcamp sessions or commit to our ongoing one-on-one coaching. And even those who do often want even more ongoing support and information to keep developing at their own pace.

Affordable, Online Speaker Training at Your Own Pace

That’s where Backstage Pass comes in…. our e-learning platform to help you launch and scale your speaking business.  This extensive, expert-led collection of online materials offers dozens of instructive videos, hours of lessons and pro-tips, monthly, live webinars, and access to recorded Bootcamp sessions.

If you’re looking to learn from the top 2% of keynote speakers on how to aggressively scale your business and learn everything you need to know for industry domination, and do it at your own pace, Backstage Pass is for you.

A Backstage Peek at Backstage Pass

What’s Included in Your Backstage Pass

  • One-year access to the most effective system for driving your speaking business to the next level
  • Monthly, live webinars to learn new approaches and keep your career on track. You’ll also get access to archives of all past recorded webinars
  • Over 60+ videos, produced by industry experts and featuring hours of high-impact lessons and pro tips
  • Downloadable tools, templates, and guides including the bureau package, contracts, the digital marketing dashboard, and more
  • A customized 90-day speaker action plan designed to get you bureau-ready
  • The ability to access knowledge 24/7 and learn at your own pace

Want to Learn More?

Contact Matt Ciccone at or 248.787.4766 to find out exactly what Backstage Pass has to offer, where all of our experience comes from, and how it can transform and supercharge your speaking career.

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