1-on-1 Speaking Career Coaching

This is it. Our most customized, in-depth, and ongoing service designed to give you the most tailored access to our high-end speakers and their teams.

Our Bootcamps give you everything you need to jumpstart your speaking career. Our online courses found in The Speaker Pass provide accessible information, 24/7.

But our 1-on-1 Speaking Career Coaching is something else entirely. If you’re serious about reaching your full potential as a professional keynote speaker, or even if you believe that powerful speaking abilities can transform your current career in business, this is the most expansive, customized, and ongoing service you’ll find anywhere. It’s more than speaker training or public speaking courses. It covers every aspect – from onstage to off – to elevate your game. We’re talking ongoing, practical support to drive meaningful results.

Custom 1-on-1 Coaching
Services include:

  • Craft and refine your positioning to attract higher fees and more engagements
  • Build high-quality websites, demo videos, professional photos, and other key marketing assets
  • Write compelling marketing copy, official bios, and speaking topics that have been proven to make an impact
  • Launch or re-launch you in the speaker bureau community
  • Develop a high impact launch (or re-launch) strategy
  • Refine and craft a memorable and breathtaking keynote speech
  • Set, adjust, and boost your keynote speaking fees
  • Arrange vital support from speaker managers, bureau representatives, and back-office assistants
  • Fine-tune your stage skills to boost impact and financial results
  • Master the art of story-telling and learn the performance skills of legends

This list is just a small sample—after all, what we offer you will depend on what you need and want most. Even if you’re not launching a professional speaking career and just want to benefit from more powerful presentations and talks within your current career, our 1-on-1 coaching will get you there.

Supercharge Your Career

Behind every great speaker is…well, us. Let us become your dedicated team of jugglers, lion-tamers and acrobats so that you can focus on excelling in the best career on earth.

Contact us today about developing a customized coaching plan for you.