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I’m a Speaker. Help Me!

Contact Matt Ciccone, VP of Getting Sh*t Done
Matt@3ringcircus.com / 248.787.4766

I want to talk to the top dog.

Contact Jordan Broad, CEO

Jordan@3ringcircus.com / 248.910.7573

I have support, logistics, vocabulary (not kidding) or money questions.

Jonathan Deisenroth, Director of Details

Jonathan@3ringcircus.com / 248.225.8553

Looking to speak directly with a specific member of the team? We’re not shy. Contact us anytime.

Josh Linkner


Connor Trombley

Director, Marketing
connor@3ringcircus.com / 248.930.4544

Lauren Kelley

Director, Content
lauren@3ringcircus.com / 248.224.6949

Lina Ksar

Media Architect
lina@3ringcircus.com / 586.718.3078