Keynote Speaking Coaching and Consulting

Boost your speaking business by having the right team in your corner

Every Olympic athlete has a coach. Same with the leading actors, musicians, dancers, and business executives. To achieve at the highest levels in your keynote speaking business, doesn’t it make sense to have a similar level of support?

If you’re serious about being a professional keynote speaker, we can give you the coaching and consulting needed to seize your full potential. We offer customized programs to help with every aspect of your speaking business, resulting in higher fees and more engagements. Since no two keynote speakers are the same, we handcraft each coaching/consulting program to meet your specific needs. From astronauts to athletes, CEOs to authors, Hall of Fame speakers to plane crash survivors, we’ve helped some of the most successful people on the speaking circuit:

• Craft and refine positioning to attract higher fees and more gigs
• Build out high-quality websites, demo videos, and other key marketing assets
• Write marketing copy, biographies, and speaking topics that sell
• Launch (or re-launch) to the speaker bureau community
• Refine and craft a breathtaking keynote speech
• Set and boost keynote speaking fees
• Line up needed support, from speaker managers, to bureau representation, to back-office assistance
• Fine-tune stage skills to boost both impact and financial results
• Understand the key tips and lessons to accelerate growth and mitigate risk

Isn’t it time to take your speaking business to the next level? Whether you’re new to the game, or an experienced pro, we have the coaching and consulting services to dramatically lift your results. Why go at it alone? After all, it’s a circus out there!