Keynote Speaking Workshops

Invest a Couple of Days. Enjoy Years of Results.

What if you could squish a decade of learning into a single session? What if you could emerge with a specific and actionable game plan to launch and scale your speaking business? What if you could forge meaningful relationships with fellow speakers and bureau executives, which will propel your keynote business for years to come?

Welcome to the most powerful session of your career.

We know time is your most precious asset, so we’ve created the most efficient method to help you launch and scale your speaking business. In this workshop, you’ll gain the insights needed to grow both your speaking fee and number of booked engagements. In this high-energy workshop you will:

• Learn the full, proven system used to create a $4+ million speaking business
• Discover how to best position yourself to the market of both bureaus and meeting planners to book more gigs at higher fees
• Understand the ins and outs of the speaking business, helping you avoid mistakes and rapidly grow
• Connect with senior bureau execs and other speakers, fortifying your professional network
• Peek behind the curtain to see how speaker bureaus discover and pitch new talent, recommend keynote speakers, and run their businesses
• Gain insight on how to set your fee and bring your message to the market
• Get inspired by what’s possible, while gaining a step-by-step methodology for achievement
• See how the top keynote speakers in the business have enjoyed long-term, sustainable success

Whether you’re new to the field and passionately want to become a keynote speaker, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking to take your business up a notch (or three), the 3 Ring Circus Professional Speaker Bootcamp is a highly efficient and powerful next step. This high-end keynote speaker training program is unparalleled and will arm you for battle.

Are you ready to double your existing business? Are you ready to launch yourself onto the biggest stages in the world? Are you ready to build and scale your keynote speaking business? If so, we’re here to help.

CLICK HERE today to register for an upcoming bootcamp… seating is extremely limited. Learn from the best and leverage our experience to help you soar. After all, it’s a circus out there.