Military Speakers

You've served your country with honor. In your next chapter, continue to lead and inspire greatness as a professional keynote speaker.

Few pursuits require more discipline, determination, and perseverance than a career in the military. You’ve spent every day of your career training to be a leader, then acting out that training in high-stakes situations that impact countless lives.

When your military career ends, your power to lead and inspire doesn’t go away— you simply no longer have an opportunity for that skill to shine. Many ex-military leaders find themselves in secondary careers that use their basic skills, like piloting planes, but fail to use the truly special skills that make them great leaders.

But why transport hundreds when you can inspire thousands as a military speaker?

That’s where we come in.

You served your country. Now tell your story.

3 Ring Circus is the most advanced keynote speaker training program in the world for military professionals. Our program is considered the bootcamp of military speakers, helping you take your raw leadership skills and optimize them for the stage. For your post-military career, becoming a professional military speaker can be deeply rewarding, both intrinsically and financially.

Our program gives you the opportunity to achieve real success as a military speaker, with some of our clients earning as much as $40,000 per keynote event.

Meanwhile, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your military career into an opportunity to inspire and motivate others — all while helping ensure your legacy for you and your family.

Military speakers are currently in high demand. Inspiring for their service to the country but less politically charged than other public figures, military speakers can help unite a divided nation and inspire thousands. To succeed, you’ll need the same hustle and fortitude that served you in your career.

3 Ring Circus will be with you every step of the way.



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