Launch Your Keynote Speaking Career the Right Way

Creating a professional speaking career is like learning to juggle. You see others do it and it seems easy, but when you try yourself you quickly start dropping balls. How should you start? How can you balance so many different needs and tasks like marketing, establishing a unique value proposition, developing your speaking skills, scheduling, building name recognition, and refining your story? And how do you make sure the chainsaws land handle-side down?

Okay, maybe it’s not a perfect metaphor.

But launching a speaking career from scratch can be overwhelming. You might feel confident that you have something to offer, but unsure of how to present it to bureaus and audiences in a way that’s compelling. Which speaker training and public speaking courses are actually effective? How can you compete for slots with speakers who have been doing it for decades?

We’ve got you covered. Our team of world-class speakers, coaches, and experts is waiting in the wings to give you everything you need to launch your career and find the speaking jobs that are waiting for you.

Our offerings include

  • Virtual Bootcamps These intensive sessions are absolutely packed with information to jumpstart your momentum. And we’re not talking about cheesy platitudes or generalized advice. We’re talking specific, detailed, and personalized guidance that’s proven to be effective at building genuine and lasting careers. Learn More
  • One-on-One Coaching Take the guesswork out of every step of the process. More than just weekly advice sessions, this intensive one-on-one program will help you every step of the way— from refining your story and brand to crafting dazzling performances., creating effective speaking demos, setting your fees, and driving demand. We got your back. Learn More
  • The Speaker Pass e-Learning. Want to start building your career right now, right this moment, without having to put on socks? Access The Speaker Pass, our robust online speaker training course created by our team of experts and the top speaker bureaus from around the country. The Speaker Pass is the only online learning program for building keynote speaking careers— clear, proven, powerful, and just a few clicks away. Learn More

Whichever solution or combination of solutions is right for you, today is your day to find out how to become a keynote speaker and access speaking opportunities you didn’t think were possible. Contact us or sign up now— and let’s get juggling.