Pro Speakers

Reach the Next Level. Land Bigger Audiences. Command Larger Rates.
You’ve made it this far. You’re landing engagements as a professional speaker, getting paid for your work, and traveling the world. You’ve worked your way to some big stages, and the crowds love you. You can officially call yourself a professional public speaker.

But you’ve noticed a plateau is forming. The chart of your speaking career is levelling off. How do you elevate to that next level? How can you land more gigs, command bigger rates, and reach larger audiences? How can you deepen your relationships with bureaus and spend less time marketing and more time being begged to speak?

You’re asking the right questions. And you’ve just found the right answer.

Welcome to the Circus

3 Ring Circus is not in the business of promising massive payouts with as little work as possible when becoming a public speaker. We’re in the business of taking your professional speaking work from a respectable business to a lasting, growing, and satisfying career for as long as you want it to be.

How? By condensing and sharing proven methods used by our exclusive team of massively successful keynote speakers. And we’re not talking gave-a-few-speeches, used-to-be-big-on-the-corporate-circuit successful. We’re talking $35,000 per talk, 100+ talks per year, 15 requests per day, right now successful public speaking legends— not yesterday’s has-beens.

We’ll help you reach your next level, and we’ll get you there as fast as humanly possible. Here’s how:

All-Access, In-Depth, One-on-One Keynote Speaker Coaching

Our team includes some of the world’s most in-demand speakers and industry experts and, with our one-on-one speaker training and consulting, they’ll become your personal advisory board. We’ll help you craft and refine how to brand and position yourself, build high-quality marketing materials, master stage skills, write copy, grow in the speaker bureau community, and approximately 1,183 other things that won’t fit on this page.

We can’t wait to join your team. Contact us today, or go to the dedicated coaching page to learn more. You can also check out our Bootcamps or The Speaker Pass, our online e-learning platform.

Let’s get you to a bigger stage – and bigger fees – starting today.