Professional Keynote Speaking Seminars

How to launch and grow your keynote speaking business... fast.

There are two types of seminars: those with empty promises, littered with BS and self-promoting nonsense, and the rare group that drives groundbreaking results. Having attended too many of the former, we set out to create the most powerful, efficient, inspiring, and practical seminars to help you launch and grow your speaking business. No BS, just transparent sharing, oodles of learning, and an obsession for achievement. From the current leaders of the speaking industry, completely focused on driving significant and measurable results as you grow your speaking business.

Our keynote speaking seminars offer a comprehensive roadmap to help you achieve at the highest level in the business of keynote speaking. You’ll learn specific tools and techniques, proven and actionable approaches that have been deployed to create tens of millions in revenue. Specifically, our seminars will help you:

• Launch, grow, and scale a professional keynote speaking business
• Take your existing keynote business up to a new level in terms of fee, volume, and consistency
• Break free from the competitive set by establishing unique positioning and marketing efforts
• Create a consistent and high volume of inbound demand from qualified meeting planners and speaker bureaus
• Avoid the most common pitfalls and danger traps; learn from the mistakes of others so you can avoid them
• Boost your fee and volume of paid engagements
• Drive more impact for audiences worldwide
• Uncover the secrets and tips that lead to additional revenue streams
• Learn the specific steps to enjoy long-term business success as a keynote speaker

If you’re serious about your speaking business, we’re here to help you elevate it. Our keynote speaking seminars give you the tools and inspiration you need to win at the highest levels. In this complicated and competitive industry, you’ll be glad you had a partner in your corner. After all, it’s a circus out there.