"Working with 3RC in 2018 has lead to not only a significant number of bookings in 2019, but it also aided in the development of stronger keynote, workshops, courses, white papers, and other new offerings for the next calendar year. Because of the work 3RC and I did together, I'm anticipating at least a double in revenue generation from the year before, new bureau relationships, a significant rate increase, and a suite of offerings I didn't have in years past."

Eric Termuende: Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Founder of NoW Innovations

"Thank you for that awesome and enlightening experience. 10/10”"

Ben Nemtin: Inspirational Keynote Speaker, #1 New York Times bestselling author, co-founder and star of The Buried Life on MTV

"One of the most significant days of my life.”

Bob "Sully" Sullivan: Negotiation Keynote Speaker, Host of The Big Biz Show, Two-Time Emmy Winner

"Thank you all very much for the great bootcamp today. I left excited and inspired and eager to forge ahead with my new career. I found the information to be extremely valuable and the transparency to be very refreshing.”

Bob Baker, M.D.: Medical and Healthcare Keynote Speaker, America's Got Talent contestant

"Many thanks for the great 1 day boot camp today.  The content and spirit were awesome and helpful. I am so glad I attended.”

Steve Smith: Motivational Keynote Speaker, NASA Astronaut

“It was one hell of a day. I am so thankful that you invited me. Wow I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity, and I rarely attend conferences that are so immediately impactful on my business and work.”

Jonathan Citrin: Unbiased Decision Making Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder & CEO, CitrinGroup Media

"Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and opening up your kimono so to speak with regard to the speaking industry. I learned a lot and am excited to figure out how this all fits into my career.”

Marshall Seese Jr.: Creativity Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO, Mowgli, Recording Artist, Writer

"I am overwhelmed, inspired, challenged, charged up, and a little scared, but very excited, all at the same time. I have gained so much from your curriculum, I can't even begin to tell you.”

Susan Salgado: Customer Service Keynote Speaker, Founder, Hospitality Quotient

"Yesterday was worth every penny — in fact I’d easily give it a 3X value — in terms of time and money. The insights were both practical and personal that has allowed me to focus on the most important tasks ahead of me in planning this phase of my career.”

Steven Merahn, M.D.: Healthcare Keynote Speaker, Chief Medical Officer, Centria Healthcare

"Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for an incredible two days in Detroit!  You honestly blew away my expectations and in the past few hours alone I've already recommended attending to three folks at bureaus and a handful of speakers. (Seriously!) Well worth it and lots of fistpumps and high fives to you all. You have something very special here! Congratulations!”

Neil Pasricha: Happiness Keynote Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author

"It was an amazing experience. I learned a ton and feel better prepared to build my speaking business. 10/10”

Jeff Ponders: Innovation Keynote Speaker, Professional Jazz Musician

"I had an absolutely great time at the Bootcamp. It was mind blowing in so many great ways. I discovered so much about myself and about the industry.”

Roop Raj: Overcoming Rejection Keynote Speaker, Emmy Award Winning Anchor at Fox 2 Detroit

"Truly a great day. I’ve got so much homework to do my head exploded!  But that’s a good thing.”

Lou Diamond: Networking Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO of THRIVE

"Thanks for making me feel so welcome. It was an entertaining, informative, and worthwhile day.”

Steve Gilliland: Motivational Keynote Speaker, Speaker Hall of Fame

"THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! I love working with you guys.”

Scott Werner: Customer Service Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

"Thank you for a high velocity 10 hours, loaded with insights & value. The effort, time & planning you (and your team) put into crafting this event made for an excellent view of what it takes to rock the business of speaking. Newbies and veterans take note: Josh has mastered the business of speaking and has a ton to share.”

Victoria Labalme: Commuication Keynote Speaker, Actor & Producer, Speaker Hall of Fame

"A comprehensive look under the hood of a high-level speaking business.”

Ryan Foland: Communication Keynote Speaker, Managing Partner at Influence Tree

"I appreciate my day there. I learned a great deal. Very interesting and eye opening. I took voluminous notes and will putting it to work for me. Thanks to you guys at Three Ring!”

Eddie Gossage: President at Texas Motor Speedway

"I booked a 3,000 person gig earlier this week in less than 6 hours of initial email to confirmation call. My confidence and direction on what to say with these discovery calls has been transformed by listening to what you’ve found to work. Thank you again!”

Josh Schneider: Human Performance Keynote Speaker