Meet the Team

With unique backgrounds, distinct areas of expertise, and our own individual passions, our team members all share one thing—an absolute obsession with making everything insanely great (including you.)

Josh Linkner



5X tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, 2X NY Times bestselling author, venture capitalist, and keynote speaker on a mission to drive creativity, innovation, and reinvention.

Jordan Broad

Human Cannonball


Speaking industry expert, engineer, and seasoned tech executive obsessed with driving innovation, progress and hockey stick growth in the world of public speaking.

Matt Ciccone

Strong Man

CFO and VP, Getting Shit Done

Numbers man, insane with the details, loves nothing more than getting it right and ringing the register, and possesses a deep seething hatred for losing.

Connor Trombley


Director of Marketing

Wizard of brands, master of tech, magician of digital marketing. Knows how to get the message heard above the non-stop noise. Plus, he's fashion-forward.

Lina Ksar


Media Architect

Video and design skills so legit, she can make Zach Galifianakis look like Adam Levine. The creativity of Banksy with the brainpower of Inspector Gadget.

Our Advisors

Besides our founding team, we also tap into knowledge and experience of established masters of public speaking from both the performance and management sides of the coin.
Kelly Eger

Kelly Eger

COO, The Harry Walker Agency
Nanette Town

Nanette Town

Vice President, Worldwide Speakers Group
Brian Lord

Brian Lord

President, Premiere Speakers Bureau
Caitlin Callison

Caitlin Callison

Vice President of Sales, Washington Speakers Bureau
Rich Gibbons

Rich Gibbons

President, Speak Inc.
Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken

Past President, NSA, Speaker and Bestselling Author
Nick Morgan, Ph.D.

Nick Morgan, Ph.D.

Speaking Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker

Speaker Bureaus

These bureaus attended or referred speakers to 3 Ring Circus.

Why We Do It

We know what you’re thinking. If our founder is so successful as a public speaker and entrepreneur, then why isn’t he off doing all that instead of starting this company of wild thinkers and ragtag revolutionaries?

First of all, he does both. Josh never sleeps. No, really.

Second, we don’t want to support any illusions that we’re here simply out of the charitable goodness of our hearts, skipping through the battlefield of the speaking industry, plucking wounded speakers up from the ground and putting them back on their feet.

The truth? We’re obsessed with greatness. We detest the idea of anyone entering an industry with misguided beliefs or ineffective guidance. We’ve been in those early stages, and nothing thrills us more than overturning the established wisdom that new speakers simply have to struggle and suffer away for years until they start to see progress. Wrong. You don’t. You can see progress now, today.

To put it simply, we listen to our own speeches. It’s not enough to talk about changing industries or overturning established wisdom. Eventually, you have to actually do it.

At 3 Ring Circus, we do.